Aspects :

Lifelong friend to Arthus The priests want their initiate back


Found on resurrection stone by monks from the Kalven Monestary and taken into the priesthood. The priests, practicing their mystic arts, testing their spells and potions on the priest initiates. Loktor gained knowlede of the Holy spells and magic rituals to communicate with animals. At the age of 18, when he would have taken his final vows and been initiated into the order, he fled into the hills. He was found by a band of hunters from Emor.

Given to the wise woman Peletra to raise as her own, she gave him the name Loktor. His ability to hear the thoughts of animals, and even some people has earned him a certain distrust amongst the community. Wandering the hills, he found a Ocenti that had died shortly after giving birth to a litter. Saving the sole remaining kitten in the litter, the cat, named Arthus, has been his constant companion and protector ever since.


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