GM Design Notes for Players and interested parties

This is an experimental game in a number of ways. We are using FATE (Starblazer Adventures/Legends of Anglerre/Strands of Fate) which is new to the group << and really didnt work so well so we may just take this up with Barbarians of Lemuria or Castles and Crusades if we get back to it>>. We collaborated to build the campaign region the PC’s start in.
*NOTE to PLAYERS: *I have made some changes to some of the names we came up with to make them easier for me to remember, no disrespect intended.

So what the game about? On the surface it’s a Fantasy rpg. Only its not. Its actually a post-apocalyptic rpg. Its sent in the aftermath of a Hard-Takeoff singularity event which went really bad. It’s not even certain that the world is “Earth” or if it’s “Alph Centuri” or “Wolf 384901-X”. To the PC’s its home. They are villagers in an early medieval setting. A great power backed by religion and military might is trying to win the region. All the PC’s need to deal with is that.
I’ll get as much as I can up on the wiki about the world we established as quickly as I can. Please jot in your ideas to the wiki as you think of them.

Bibliography Resouces and Insperations:

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GM Design Notes for Players and interested parties

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