Adventures are happening on Udwath in the Ealian proviance of khorian

Long have been the Eons since the fall of man…

The intervention of the Titans known to you as the Changing-Time or simply The Change warped the face of the world and sundered the Moon. With The Change – part of the Change itself – came the Sky-Curse and The Shifting.

The Sky-Curse was the Titans first plague. We know not what the Sky-Curse is only that it Is . It is the will of the God’s to thwart the Titans. Zeus can strike down from the sky with his sky curse, his celestial lightning, his aura divine, anything he finds displeasing or which threatens his Creation. So sayeth the Gods. So sayeth his clergy.

The Shifting was wrought by the God’s and made the world a better place for Man and an accurs’ed abode for the Titans. So sayeth the Gods.

The wise-women talk of the time before the Change, the Endwar. When the Titans came from out of the firmament and became whole of flesh and walked amongst man no longer Eidolon spirits whose abode was the aether. They were angry at the Gods who left them in the firmament. Angry at man for colluding with the unfaithful Gods – those betrayer children-scions, the Gods. Who with the aid of man, had locked away the Titans in enduring prison. The escaped Titans would have their vengeance. They rained down on man with fire brighter then the sun. They strew plagues and pestilence across the plains. Pulled down the very moon and smashed it to the Earth. Plunged Earth into the great winter whose, frigid siblings even now remain in defiance of Zeus, such was the wrath of that first winter.

But the Gods knew, we small men had faith and would not punish us. They saw what the Titans had wrought in defiance of Zeus’ creation. So Zeus in his wisdom and mercy sent Ares, Artemis and a host of demi-gods and heroes to our aid. Great wars were waged and once more the Titans were shackled and cast down.

Following the first of these great winters – Sent by the God’s to test the faithful, was The Fallowing. The time in which man hunted, man for his flesh and the cannibal-bands first claimed dominance. Only those aligned to the Titans – Demons, Titan-Spawn, the cannibal Mongrel-Men the Ill-Gotten; and to the Gods – the Demi-Gods, Heroes, Men and beasts; survived.

To reward the faithful, the God’s at Zeus’ command, built the Sky-Arch, the World-Ring. The Arch held the great winter at bay and blessed were the people.

That was in the so-long-ago. For eons we have known peace and prosperity – or if not prosperity we have been free of the Titans. Until now….

Now the Titan-Spawn walk the earth and serve their dark masters. The Gods come to our aid and have anointed Heroes to fight the Spawn.

But not here in Emmor… Not until the Ebonites came.

In the far North, off in the pleasure towers of Ebon scheme the Magnates. The Ebon-Knights have Heroes numbered in their ranks, anointed by the Gods themselves. The Book-Learners – Librarians of Ebon and the mighty Magi of Ebon, learned man of Ebon all, go forth in the world doing the work of Pallas Athena. The Outriders of Ebon and the Magistrates of the Magnates – extend the law of Ebon to the lawless and misguided. The Magistrates act in the name of the Hierarch of Ebon – The most powerful of the Magnates. The Guilders of Ebon come in their wains and baggage trains bringing civilization to the south.

The Chieftain of Emmor – Lord Gann of the Bone-Hand sept, knows he must keep his people safe in the name of the God’s. Of his warriors and advisors you are his most trusted. Ebon comes and with it, her “Civilisation”.

Something smells strange and unholy about the Ebonites although they venerate the Olympians.

Many Stalwart Heroes

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